As a leading e-wallet in India, ecoPayz allows users to send and receive money internationally. It’s a global payments company authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA under the Electronic Money Regulations. Today, ecoPayz services are available in over 202 countries, including India. 

It is one of the most popular payment solutions for individuals and businesses. Compared to usual bank transfers, ecoPayz promises easy and quick payment processing. Thanks to its convenience, this payment facility is popularly accepted in most Indian online casinos. Today, you can easily find an Indian betting site that allows almost-instant deposits using ecoPayz. This guide is suitable if you plan to top up your online casino account using ecoPayz. 

So read on, and learn the basics about this popular payment option, including its pros and cons and why it is one of the best payment services in India.

EcoPayz History and Use in India

ecoPayz is a popular e-wallet payment service used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide, including India. This global payments company started as ecoCard in 2000, which led to the development of the ecoPayz payments services. PSI-Pay Limited operates the current payments facility, and through the years, it managed to partner with other financial entities, including Mastercard, in 2009. 

With this agreement, the user’s Mastercard is linked to ecoPayz for convenience. Initially, the payment service covered a few European countries only. However, a few years later, ecoPayz was made available in many countries across the globe.

Opening an ecoAccount

ecoPayz offers Indian bettors a free and convenient way of opening an account.

So do you open an ecoPayz account and use it to fund your Indian casino account?

To use its services, interested bettors must open a free ecoPayz account. Then, all you need to do is to complete the short registration process available on its homepage. There’s a short sign-up form that you need to complete in minutes! 

The registration form for an ecoAccount requires your complete name, address, email, and password. In addition, you also need to agree to the company’s Terms and Conditions. After completing the account registration, customers can now use the account for online purchases and to receive funds from ecoPayz partners. 

Today, the EcoPayz platform is not just limited to individuals for personal use. It is now being used for business and merchant accounts. In addition, this payment solution is free to use and compatible with all mobile devices with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. 

ecopayz payment method frontpage

How to Enable ecoPayz on your Device?

With ecoPayz, you can account for a convenient and secure way of completing payments. You can even use your ecoAccount on your mobile device, allowing you to enjoy mobile gambling anytime, anywhere.

  1. First, you’ll need to enable your ecoPayz account.
  2. Then, visit the official website of ecoPayz and sign up for an account.  We have already covered the process of how to complete the signup process. 
  3. Once registered, you can top up your ecoPayz wallet and use it as a payment method.

Using EcoPayz for Payments

It is easy to use ecoPayz to send money or pay online merchants. Go to the merchant’s website, go to the Deposit section, and choose ecoPayz as the payment method. You can also top up your account with Mastercard, Visa, or international bank transfers. 

ecoPayz is also a reliable partner of reputable Indian online casinos. To deposit money to your online casino account via ecoPayz, simply log in to your casino account. Then, visit the Deposit section, choose ecoPayz as the preferred payment method, and input the amount to deposit. Then, click ‘Submit’ to approve your deposit request, subject to the casino’s minimum deposit requirement.

Regarding safety, there is nothing to worry about as you use a bank card not linked to your main bank account. It reduces the risk of potential hackers accessing your information.

Issues with Using ecoPayz

ecoPayz offers simplified payment processing. With your ecoAccount, you can send and receive funds in no time. Money transfers are done almost instantly, reducing the waiting time compared to other payment methods. In addition, bettors can count on flexible payment arrangements since this payment solution accepts over 46 currencies, including Indian Rupees. In terms of security, ecoPayz puts the players’ welfare first.  For instance, if a player inputs the wrong country, the system detects and blocks the user. 

The verification procedure with ecoPayz may take some time. Also, the platform sets limits regarding deposits and withdrawal amounts. Transaction fees may also be higher than usual. Users from other countries may face some issues during registration. 

Nevertheless, ecoPayz in India is still a good choice for bettors aiming for fast, convenient, and secure payment solutions.