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What is the best Craps Strategy?

Craps is a colorful and exciting casino game often played in in Macau and Las Vegas. If you’re visiting a casino, you can easily find these tables due to the fun, laughter, and noise that comes from the bets and shouts of players. 

Now, craps is also a popular game in many Indian online casinos which you can play for real money. Like roulette, craps offers random outcomes, relying on throwing two dice. Although there’s no way you can influence the results of the throw of the dice, you can still manage your bankroll and choice of bets by adopting a craps strategy. 

Read on and learn more about a reliable craps betting strategy and other tips that can help improve the gambling experience.

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What is Online Craps?

The aim in craps is simple: the player must roll a number (a point) using two dice and then roll the same number before a ‘seven’ is rolled. The player at the craps betting table who rolls the dice is the game’s ‘shooter’. If the player makes a point, the puck is ‘turned off’, and the player shoots again for the ‘come out roll.’ If this is the case, it’s the beginning of another round, and the shooter must make another point.

With these rules, the craps game can be fast and frantic but ultimately thrilling. Since it’s a fast-paced casino game, you must be in control of your decisions and bets, especially if you’re just starting on your craps strategy.

Craps strategy- Odds and house edge

Online craps offer random outcomes; like most casino games, it has a house edge. In craps online, the odds vary depending on your bet. As such, your primary craps strategy is knowing the different house edge by bet type. 

Here’s a look at some of the top bets you can play in craps and their average house edge:

Bet TypeHouse Edge Percentage
Any 716.7%
2 or 1213.9%
(11) or 311.1%
Any Craps11.11%
Field Bet5.56%
Lay 5 or 93.23%
Lay 4 or 102.44%
Don’t Pass/Don’t Come 2X Odds0.83%
Pass Line/Come Bet 2X Odds0.85%
Don’t Pass/Come1.40%
Pass Line/Come Bet1.41%

These are just some of the popular craps bet to play in real money. As part of a beginner’s craps strategy, you can start with either a Pass or Don’t Pass bet, with a minimum bet. Once you earn a point, look for free odds bet with a bigger wager.

Low-risk craps strategy with small bets

If you’re a beginner, a low-risk strategy is best with small stakes.

You can extend your bankroll while learning about the game by placing small bets. If you use a low-risk craps strategy, you must wager on the Pass Line bet and double your money on the Don’t Pass bet.

High-risk craps strategy

In adopting a high-risk craps strategy, you can now expand your betting portfolio. For example, you can check out how Lay Bet Craps, Yo Bet Craps, and Hop Bets work in this table game. There are additional betting strategies too that you can explore, like the Mini Max Strategy, Big 6 8 Craps Strategy, and the Dark Side Strategy.

Play Craps Online to win 

There are dozens of strategies to use when playing craps online. What truly matters in craps is knowing how to manage your money and setting limits. 

As mentioned, craps are fast-paced and thrilling, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. If you’re a beginner, set a modest goal, and exit the game once you read this target. We recommend playing at top Indian online casinos with premium online craps from leading software vendors!