Baccarat roads and Gamblinos guide to using them

What are Baccarat Roads and How to use them?

Have you noticed the grids that cover a portion of your screen when playing online baccarat? For example, if you play Evolution’s First-Person Baccarat, you’ll see the grid on top of the screen. This grid comes in alternating colors of red and blue circles, sometimes appearing as a long vertical line of red circles or alternating blue and red circles. In online gambling, we call these the Baccarat roads. 

We understand that it can be confusing, especially among beginners, but this Baccarat roads guide will help you make sense of the grid and colors.

Baccarat Roads- A Short Guide

Baccarat roads are the grid found on the player’s screen.  Each road comes with a grid filled with colored dots, circles, and, in some baccarat versions, lines. In most games, these roads are six cells high and many cells wide since some games can go on for multiple rounds. However, pay attention to the colors of the circles as they have meanings depending on the result of the round.

The roads can help players track the results and spot trends in baccarat gambling. There are several types of baccarat roads,  and each type performs a specific role in the player’s analysis. You can use the roads to review the game history and look for winning patterns. In addition, many players will use the information on the baccarat roads as part of their betting strategy. 

The most popular baccarat roads you’ll encounter when playing in real money are Bead Plate, the Big Road, Small Road, the Big Eye Boy, and the Cockroach Pig.

Bead Plate -Easiest to Read and Follow

The Bead Plate is a popular baccarat road and one of the easiest to understand. Like all roads, the Bead Plate helps you track the previous results and check for trends.

You can read the Bead Plate from top to bottom, beginning from the upper leftmost corner. Using this format, you’ll find letters on the grid- B, P, and T- representing the winning Banker, Player, and Tie bets. Using the image above as an example, we can say that the first win is the Banker, followed by the Player, then a Banker win, then another Banker win with a Player Pair, the Banker again, and a Player win.

Big Road- Popular in Most Casinos

Among these baccarat road types, the Big Road is the most popular. It’s the Big Road since it’s the initial road, and all other roads start from it. In a traditional baccarat Big Road, the blue dots or circles represent the ‘Player’ wins, and the red dots or circles are for the ‘Banker’.  Each time the winning position changes, e.g., from Player to Banker, a new column begins. 

For example, if the Banker wins the first hand in the shoe, a red circle appears at the top of the first column. But if the Player wins next, a blue circle appears on top of the second column.

If a betting round ends in a ‘Tie’, the last entry in the Big Road gets a green line.

Other Popular Baccarat Roads

When playing baccarat in real money, you’ll also find other types of roads, including the Big Eye Boy, Small Road, and the Cockroach Pig. The Eye Boy is a ‘derived road’, as it interprets the data from the Big Road. This type of baccarat road shows if there are discernable patterns from the shoe or if the results are random.

Use Baccarat Roads When Playing in Real Money

Baccarat roads are helpful tools on the screen that can help you play in real money. Roads help you track the previous round results, and they can help you spot trends. Baccarat may be a game of chance, but tools like roads improve your betting experience or even boost your chance of winning the next hand. 
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