how to win at blackjack by using a blackjack strategy

How to Win using a Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a top-rated casino game that blends the players’ skills, odds, and math. While other casino games produce random outcomes, your results in blackjack depend on how well you understand the game, its odds, and your decision-making skills. If you have a basic strategy, you can even reduce the casino’s advantage from just 0.5 to 0.20 percent! 

So if you’re planning to play blackjack with real money, don’t just jump into a game without a solid plan in place. 

To improve your chances at the blackjack betting table, it pays to play optimally and have all your black jack basics in order, which involves hitting, splitting, and standing with the right cards, and double down or taking on the side bets when it matters. Here’s a look at the most basic blackjack strategy and a few tips to keep you ahead of the rest.

Learn How to Use Your Advantage

While house always wins at blackjack casinos, there are a few options and tricks that we can use to our advantage. By knowing these alternatives and using these at the right moment, we can drastically lower the house edge. Here are a few advantages that every player can enjoy on the blackjack table:

  1. When we hit 21 and earn a blackjack, we’re paid an extra at 3:2 or 2.5x the stake. We get this payout as long as the dealer doesn’t collect a 21.
  2. Know when to stand or hit. Players have several options on what to do with the cards. The dealer, on the other hand, faces limited options. For example, the dealer will hit on all card combos up to 17. One effective blackjack strategy is to download and use a Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart that guides you when to hit, stand, double down or even surrender.
  3. You can double down to double your wager when you sense advantage at the betting table. According to a tested blackjack strategy, you double down after receiving your first two cards is a hard 10 or 11 and the dealer’s card is lower. Or you can double down if you have a soft 16, 17, or 18, and the dealer’s up-card is two-six.
  4. You can choose to split pairs which is helpful if you have a weak hand or to take advantage of the dealer’s poor hand.
  5. Use the surrender option at the table to your advantage. The surrender option can help save your money in the long run, and the dealer cannot surrender.
  6. Read up on card-counting. Knowing what to expect based on the hand you have been dealt can be very useful.

Use this Blackjack cheat sheet to see exactly what your move should be, depending on what cards you get dealt!

blackjack strategy cheat sheet

Consider a Blackjack Betting Strategy

Successful blackjack players also rely on an effective betting strategy. There are several betting strategies you can use right now, and most of these are used in playing table games like roulette and baccarat. For example, there’s the Martingale and the Paroli, two of the most popular betting strategies out there. 

In the Martingale blackjack betting strategy, you increase your bet after a losing round. Paroli is simply the opposite where you increase your wager after a win. If you’re playing blackjack and you’re a beginner, the best strategy is to start with a conservative approach and work your way up. You only increase your bet if things go well, or when you’re starting to win.

Perhaps the best blackjack betting strategy is to always set a bankroll and stick with it. It’s never good to chase losses and learn to exit the game once you have used up your budget.