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Editorial Guidelines

At Gamblino, our Editorial Guidelines promote informative and professionally-written content by a team of experienced players and enthusiasts. Our team holds a high standard in writing gambling-related content, putting the needs and welfare of our readers and visitors first.

And speaking of content standards, Gamblino sets its standards through these Editorial Guidelines. We set a high standard for published content so you, our readers, and visitors will get relevant, updated, and engaging gambling-related content to read.

Our Core Principles:

  • Quality.  At Gamblino, there’s a clear focus on the quality of content over quantity in everything we do. We aim not to bombard you with random information and stories; our team strives to provide relevant casino and gambling content that can shape and inform your decision-making skills on which sites to visit, what games to play, and tips to improve your odds.
  • Experience. Our team members are experienced bettors and enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean we’re perfect and free from errors. As such, we aim to provide the best online gambling content, but we also keep an eye on other trusted sites and industry insiders on what they say. The Gamblino team values opinions based on experience, and we integrate this into all our content.
  • Freshness and Relevancy. We aim to provide concise and easy-to-read content related to online casinos and the growing gambling industry in India. Our objective is to deliver accurate gambling-related content, reviews, and feedback, no matter how harsh the truth is.
  • Trust. We fact-check all information, from bonuses, games’ technical data, and tips, from reliable sources. Our team aims to become a trusted source of casino and game reviews and related content.
  • Authenticity. All-original content written from scratch.

Editorial Guidelines- What You Should Know

Editorial guidelines are the rules we follow when writing, publishing, and editing content. Publications and leading brands have them, and the most popular websites create content based on specific practices to maintain a tone of voice and style that’s unmistakably unique and assuring. Our Editorial Guidelines ensure that all content, from the online casino and game reviews to bonus coverage, meets the standards and criteria we have set forth for Gamblino.

Our Three Crucial Reasons for Publishing these Editorial Guidelines:

  • The guidelines promise that the Gamblino team will follow the rules. In addition, you can rest assured that our team is a trustworthy and reliable partner regarding online casino content, reviews, tips, and related information.
  • It reminds us to strive for players’ welfare when drafting, publishing continually, and sharing content.
  • It allows us to build and maintain a gambling-related website you can trust. We understand that there are plenty of gambling-related websites and online casino reviewers with unique and glossy websites, which is why we set standards to ensure that YOU and our readers get that complete satisfaction.