a craps table showing craps different bets

Our List of Craps Different Bets

Craps is a colorful and often noisy casino game with a rich history. If you’re playing at a physical casino, it’s easy to locate where the gambling action happens. Players often scream in delight and anticipation when they’re betting on the throw of the dice. So, it’s no longer surprising to know that craps are among the most exciting games in resorts and casinos. 

Now, the game’s popularity also spills over online, and most of the top Indian casinos now allow bettors to wager on craps different bets. In craps, you get the chance to roll the dice at the start of the game. It’s a lively casino game that runs on the Random Number Generator to ensure the fairness of every outcome. But have you ever wondered about the available craps’ different bets you can play in real money? 

If you’re a fan of this game or just curious about how it works, this article is right for you. Here, we cover the basics of craps’ different bets, the potential payouts, and other betting rules!

Online Craps- Guide to Its Rules

Craps online is a game of chance that doesn’t require skills or complicated strategies. The objective is to wager on the outcome of the roll of the two dice. On each round, you’ll need to wager on the combinations you think will appear after the successful dice roll.

Online Craps- Different Bets You Can Play

Craps is one game that offers plenty of betting possibilities. Like slot machines, the results in online craps are purely random, so there’s no way to predict what comes out next. But a good rule to follow is to wager on craps different bets on the outside portion of the table as it boasts better odds. Let’s take a look at the popular bets to play in craps online:

Pass and Don’t Pass Bets

These are the easiest and most popular and are placed before the come-out roll. A winning Pass and Don’t Pass bets pay 1:1.

Pass Line Bets

Before the first roll, you can place your wagers in the ‘Pass Line’ section. In craps, we call this the come-out roll. If the shooter or the system rolls a 7 or 11, it’s natural, which awards you a payout. If the outcome is a 2, 3, or 12, it’s craps, and you lose the round. Any other number is a point.  You win if this point number is rolled again before a 7. But if 7 comes out before your point, you lose the bet.

Don’t Pass Line Bets

It’s the opposite of the Pass Line, which you can place in one of the ‘Don’t Pass’ bars. You lose this wager on a ‘natural’ if 7 or 11 comes out and wins, if it craps, or when 2 or 3 is rolled. If the outcome is a 12, it’s a push. If the throw results in another number, it becomes a point. The bet wins if 7 is rolled before a point comes out.

Come and Don’t Come Bets

These are similar to the Pass and Don’t Pass bets, except that you play these after the established point.

Come Bets

You place these bets on the Come Line found at the center of the betting table. If a 7 or 11 comes out, you win the bet. Any other number becomes the come-point; you win if this point comes first before the 7.

Don’t Come Bets

You can place your bets in the Don’t Come area, which is at the top corner of the betting area. You’ll lose with 7 or 11, and 2 win with a roll of 2 or 12. If a 12 comes out, it’s a push. After setting a point, you’ll only win the bet if 7 comes out before this point and loses if a 7 comes out.

Place Bets

After the come-out roll, you can make specific bets on numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. In online craps, you’ll need to put the chips on the numbered squares found at the top of the betting area. If your wagered number comes out before a 7, you win. These betting options are often not available during the come-out roll.

Are You Ready to Wager on Different Craps Bets?

Playing craps is fun, thanks to its easy rules and different types of bets. There are at least ten craps bets to play, and although some of these are complicated at first, they become more fun and easy to play when you try them for a free demo. Like many casino games, most of the best favor the house, so it’s crucial to know how bets work and wager on those with slightly better odds, like crap bets outside the table. 

Finally, we recommend checking out all available bonuses and promos offered by your preferred online casino. Signup and reload bonuses, or even free bets, can go a long way in boosting your bankroll and letting you play a few rounds of craps without risking the bankroll.