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Gamblino’s Short and Approved Expert Speed Baccarat Guide

Evolution Gaming, the world’s leading supplier of live dealer games, consistently provides the market with premium live casino games that blend impressive math, the use of dedicated tables, and excellent set production values. One game that offers premium live casino entertainment is Speed Baccarat. 

Speed Baccarat is a variant of Evolution’s famous Live Baccarat line that provides a fast and thrilling way to play the classic card game. Here, you can wager on the ‘Banker’, ‘Player’, or a ‘Tie,’ or take a chance on the lucrative side bets, which pay out 11:1, all in under 27 seconds! 

Speed Baccarat is for players looking for a fast-paced game with plenty of betting opportunities. Check out our complete Speed Baccarat guide before you play it in real money at your preferred Indian betting site!

Speed Baccarat Guide- Rules, Bets, and How to Play

Live Speed Baccarat is one of Evolution’s flagship live dealer games. Speed Baccarat streams from key locations, including Riga and Latvia, like all Evolution games. In addition, the game relies on dedicated tables and environments to provide entertainment to Indian bettors. Also, Evolution is known for offering bespoke games to suit the casino’s branding and target bettors. Today, you can even find Speed Baccarat in Hindi, which caters to Indian casino players.

Here’s how to play Speed Baccarat:

  1. Log in to your preferred online casino using the username and password. If you’re a new user, you can refer to our list of reputable Indian casinos.
  2. Deposit funds to your account using one of the accepted banking options.
  3. Proceed to the Games Lobby, select ‘Live Casino’ from its game categories, and pick ‘Speed Baccarat.’
  4. Set the wager and the bet you want to play. In Speed Baccarat, the standard betting options are available, including a wager on the Banker, Player, or a Tie.
  5. Wait for the start of the game. Then, if your bet wins, you collect your payout!
speed baccarat guide with a female live dealer

Speed Baccarat Bets and Potential Payouts

Like traditional baccarat, there are three main bet types: Player, Banker, or Tie.  In addition to these standard bets, Speed Baccarat also boasts six side bets, all about pairs. For example, you can wager on a Perfect Pair, Either Pair, P Bonus, or the B Bonus. A bet on a Perfect Pair means that the round shows two identical cards in value and suit type. Wagering on the Either Pair means the Banker or the Player has a pair. In addition, Speed Baccarat tables have the P and B Bonus. These side bets offer a cash prize if the Player or Banker wins in a specific round with a natural eight or nine.

A Speed Baccarat guide isn’t complete without the potential payouts. 

Your payout for a winning Player and Banker’s bets are 1:1 and 0.95:1, respectively. The winning Banker’s bet is subject to a 5% commission. Another lucrative bet is Tie, which pays 8 to 1. However, wagering on the Tie bet offers the lowest odds of winning, at roughly 9%.

Play Speed Baccarat Today in Top Indian Casinos

Speed Baccarat features easy gameplay and exciting side bets, and each round lasts no more than 27 seconds! It’s one of the most thrilling productions from Evolution and a perfect fit for bettors looking for fast play, a grand production, and solid math. Play Speed Baccarat in real money by browsing our top recommendations on the top Indian betting sites!