blackjack card counting guide at gamblino for indian players

Blackjack Card Counting Made Easy!

Blackjack is one of those popular casino games that require some skills and strategies to win big. Compared to online slots or roulette, you don’t rely on the random spin of the reels or roulette wheel to generate a winning payout. Instead, the player’s understanding of rules, decision-making skills, and a solid strategy ensures a win in blackjack. 

One popular strategy in real money games is blackjack card counting, an approach that puts the player on top of the game. It’s a highly complex strategy that requires patience and great attention to detail. But when used right, it can tell you if the cards shift in your favor, and you can bet accordingly.

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What is a Blackjack Card Counting Strategy?

Players use a blackjack card counting strategy to tell if they have the advantage on the next hand. If it happens, the card counter increases his wager. But when it shifts in favor of the house, the counter makes a smaller bet or doesn’t play. In this strategy, the player (or counter) makes a running count of the cards dealt on the table. This blackjack strategy relies on the appreciation of high-value playing cards (10s, picture cards, and Aces) and low-values (twos through sixes). 

This technique’s underlying principle is that high-value cards benefit the player more than the dealer. We also have the neutral cards (sevens to nines), which don’t help the player much.

4 Steps in Card Counting

We can break the card counting process in blackjack in four easy steps:

  1. Assign a value for each playing card. You assign +1 for cards 2 to 6 and add ‘0’ for cards 7 to 9. Aces and 10s get -1. It is the Hi-Lo approach in the blackjack card counting strategy,
  2. Keep a running count based on the values of each playing card dealt on the table. For example, if a ‘2’ appears, that’s a +1 to your running count.
  3. Find the true count. To compute the ‘true count’ using this formula: running count/decks remaining.
  4. Change your wager as the true count rises.

The success of the blackjack card count strategy also depends on adequate bankroll and proper betting strategy. It’s a different blackjack strategy that every player should know if they want to be successful in the game.

Your card counting strategy works hand in hand with proper bankroll management since you increase or decrease the bet depending on the true count. In addition, responsible gambling also calls for the right bankroll management. It means identifying a budget, a base bet to play, and never chasing your losses.

Why Use Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

If the shoe features 10s and Aces, there’s a higher chance of hitting blackjacks. Based on the rules, blackjacks pay 3:2, and the dealer busts more frequently. Conversely, fewer blackjacks are formed if there are more lower-value cards on the show, and the dealer is less likely to bust. Therefore, keeping track of the playing cards and what remains on the shoe is essential.

To improve your chances, you’ll need to make bigger bets if there are more high cards and smaller bets with low cards. The concept is simple in card count, and what’s required is your complete patience and attention to detail. Blackjack is available in most online casinos, and in our list you will find all the best online Indian casinos ranked with added bonus information.