Casino Games

There are dozens of casino games to play online. We have categorized them into main categories according to their rules, gameplay, and design. So, before you play it in your favorite brick-and-mortal casino or register an online account, check out our list of popular categories and variants!

With each game we list we have included a more in-depth description so be sure to follow the links if you are interested in a particular casino game. Now, here’s a quick review of the popular types of casino games you’ll find in play in Indian top casinos.

Slots online and video slots online in India

Online slots. Online slot machines are arguably the most popular and widely played casino games today. These games blend easy gameplay, exciting themes and graphics, and huge win potential. In addition, plenty of software vendors design the games, offering players access to a diverse set of games. Check out our in-depth description of online slots, how they work, different types and variants, and most importantly – what makes a great online slot


how to play Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar. A popular card game that’s believed to have originated in Bangalore, in the southern state of Karnataka. Compared to other card games, Andar Bahar is purely a game of chance where the dealer initially places a card face-up. Your job is to put a wager on one of two piles: Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). After the submission of bets, the dealer then deals cards alternately to the two sides until the card matches the original card. Now, the pile where the matching card is taken is the winner. 

Play Baccarat Online

Check out our in-depth description of how to play Andar Bahar, how to bet and your potential payout!

Baccarat. One of the most popular casino games to play and is synonymous with a luxurious casino experience. It’s also available in different variants and playable across devices, thus making it a highly recommended casino game to play for all types of players. Baccarat has a lot of different variants – the most popular being Classic Baccarat.

To get a complete overview of the rules of the game, different variants and how to play online we have made our own Baccarat guide.


Playing blackjack with a live dealer on an online casino

Blackjack. Aside from poker, blackjack is considered one of the most-playedcard games online. And its popularity among Indian casino players and operators is understandable. Not only is the game easy to play, but it also offers a friendly house edge. Here, you’re simply looking at a number that beats the dealer without exceeding ‘21’. A classic game to play online. You’ll also find a low house edge – just 1 percent in many casinos.

For more tips and guides on how to play blackjack online and rules of the game check out extensive article that cover them all.


Play craps online with a live dealer display and overview of playing in a live casino

Craps. Your objective in online craps is simple: you bet on the outcome of the roll of a pair of standard six-sided dice. Craps is played in rounds, and in traditional casino craps, players place their bets on different parts of the table. Each part of the craps table represents a different bet, and a loss or win is determined by the results of the shooter’s roll.

Read our descriptive guide on how to play craps online, which includes the backstory of the game itself, the rules of the game, popular bets and a complete payout and odds chart.

online poker in India

Poker. One of the most popular card games to play online. It comes in a multitude of different variants with Texas Hold’em being the most popular one – easy to learn, hard to master! After reading the rules and the basics of the game however, you will find yourself being more than able to play it online and develop your own winning strategy. In our guide you will also get an overview of the bets and other popular variants of poker.

Playing teen patti online for real money with live dealers

Teen Patti. A traditional Indian game with similarities to poker. In terms of gameplay, it takes inspiration from the English card game called ‘three-card brag’ to get the best hand. In some regions of Southeast-Asia, the game is called ‘flush’ or ‘flash’.  

To learn the rules of the game, how to determine the best hand, and how to play bets – check out our complete guide on how to play Teen Patti online!


top rated rummy casinos in India

Rummy. In Rummy, it’s all about matching cards to create runs or sets. A run is a series of cards in ascending values, and a set is a group of cards of the same value.

The game plays out with a single deck, with two to eight players participating in each game. Under traditional rules, the game requires two decks of playing cards if more than four players participate in each round. Your objective is to empty your hands by laying down runs or sets.

Among the traditional card games this is one of the more popular ones to play online. We have written a thorough guide on how to play Rummy online – which also includes information on the objective of the game, order of play and most importantly, how to win.

Online roulette with a live dealer

Roulette. A casino game that’s based on the traditional roulette which uses a wheel and a betting table. Playing this game online you will find a virtual wheel instead, which contains numbers from 1 to 36 in alternating fashion and colors.

You bet on a number, a color, or a group of numbers and submit your wager. After collecting all wagers, the system then spins the wheel and the roulette ball goes around the roulette wheel, spinning until it slows down and settles in a slot.Just like other table games, the roulette game offers one of the best odds online.

We have made a complete roulette guide, which also includes an overview of the different roulette variants and their respective rules!

Live gameplay of sic bo at a online casino

Sic Bo. A popular Chinese game which lets you bet on the results of the roll of three dice. In an online Sic Bo game, the betting procedure becomes fun and easy. Similar to the traditional table game in physical casinos, there’s a betting table with 50 admissible bets. What’s interesting about an online Sic Bo game is that the payout schedule for each type of bet is displayed. This makes it easier for players to plan out their bets. Read our complete guide of bets and how to play Sic Bo online!

Playing Keno on Online Casino in India

Keno. A perfect example of a simple lotto-style game that you can play online. The gameplay works like your traditional lottery game: select your numbers and hope that the randomly-drawn numbers match your selection. The more numbers you hit, the bigger your payout, and can be very lucrative. Read more in our article how to play keno online, which also includes a description of the origins of the game, and of course how the payouts are decided.