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Playing Sambad Lottery Online: Buy Tickets, Check Live Draw Updates & Winning Numbers!

The Sambad Lottery offers daily chances to win substantial prizes. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this article guides you through buying tickets, checking live draw results, and understanding the prize claim process. Follow along for essential insights into one of India’s most popular lotteries.

💡 Frequency & Timing: The lottery draws occur three times daily, offering multiple chances to win.
💡 Participation: It’s accessible to a wide audience, with tickets available for purchase at authorized retailers.
💡 Results: Results are promptly published online, making it easy for participants to check their luck.

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Overview of Sambad Lottery

Illustration of Sambad Lottery tickets and a clock showing 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM

The Nagaland Lottery, also known as the Nagaland Sambad State Lottery, has its roots in Nagaland, where it was established in 1972 under the watchful eyes of the Sambad State Lottery Department to generate revenue for the State Government. Over the years, this lottery game has gained immense popularity across India, known for its high prize money, transparency, and the opportunity to win large sums of money.

The Sambad Lottery conducts three daily draws at 1:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 8:00 PM, with Sambad lottery result and Sambad state lottery result announced shortly after each draw, keeping the excitement alive throughout the day.

How to Play Sambad Lottery

Illustration of a person purchasing Sambad Lottery tickets from a local agent

Getting started with the Sambad Lottery is simple. Lottery tickets can be purchased either from local authorized agents or through online lottery platforms. Whether you prefer the traditional method of buying from a local agent or the convenience of online purchasing, the process is secure with instant confirmation of the transaction.

The Sambad Lottery offers various games, including Dear Morning, Dear Day, and Dear Evening lotteries. Each game is unique in its own way, providing different opportunities to win. Irrespective of the game you choose, the price for a single Sambad Lottery ticket is set at a minimal ₹6, making it an affordable choice for many.

Daily Draws and Prize Structure

The Sambad State Lottery conducts daily draws named Dear Morning, Dear Day, and Dear Evening, each with a top prize worth a whopping ₹1 Crore (including Super Prize amount). This substantial sum is enough to transform any winner’s life overnight.

The Dear Evening Lottery offers a first prize of ₹99,00,000, along with an additional Super Prize amount of ₹1,00,000. Similarly, the Dear Day Lottery has a first prize of ₹1 crore, with descending prizes featuring ₹9,000 for the second place, followed by third prizes of ₹450, fourth prizes of ₹250, and fifth prizes of ₹120. With such attractive rewards, the dear lottery games have become increasingly popular among participants.

Consolation prizes are also awarded in the Dear Evening Lottery to 699 winners, each receiving ₹1,000 with a Super Prize amount of ₹500. This structured prize distribution ensures that more participants have a chance at winning something.

Checking Sambad Lottery Results

As the anticipation builds after purchasing your lottery ticket, the next step is to check the results. The Sambad Lottery results can be checked online by visiting the official website of Lottery Sambad. Once you navigate to the lottery Sambad result section available on the homepage, the latest results for the day will be prominently displayed. You have the option to choose a different date for the draw you wish to check. This allows you to select a date that is most convenient for you.

In today’s digital age, convenience is paramount. Hence, Sambad Lottery results can also be checked via mobile apps. All you need to do is download an official or affiliated lottery app that provides live updates for the draws. This way, you can stay connected and updated with the results, no matter where you are.

Claiming Your Sambad Lottery Prize

Illustration of a person filling out a Sambad Lottery claim form with an ID card

To claim a substantial lottery prize, winners must follow these steps:

  1. Download and fill out the lottery claim form from the official lottery website.
  2. Provide accurate details including name, address, and ticket number on the claim form.
  3. Submit the completed claim form along with a government-issued ID for identity verification.

Please note that there is a stipulated time frame for claiming your prize. Winners must submit their prize claim within 30 to 60 days from the date of the lottery draw to be eligible to collect their winnings.

A point to remember is that if the prize money exceeds Rs. 10,000, a tax of 30% TDS along with applicable surcharge, and a 4% education cess will be deducted as per the Income Tax Act 2061.

Non-resident players from states like Punjab must present a valid state domicile to claim their prize.

Sambad Lottery in Other States

The popularity of the Sambad Lottery extends beyond the borders of Nagaland. The West Bengal State Lottery offers a variety of popular games, including Bangasree Damodar, Bangabhumi Ajay, and Bangashree Ichamati. The results of these games are published daily at specific times for participants to check..

In the picturesque state of Sikkim, players can engage with the Sikkim State Lottery, which includes games like:

  • Dear Morning
  • Dear Wave
  • Dear Day
  • Dear Evening
  • Dear Night
  • Sikkim State Lottery Derby Weekly

Tickets can be purchased from authorized retailers or online.

Interestingly, Sambad Lottery tickets can be legally purchased in Punjab among the 13 states where such games are permitted. The Nagaland State Lottery, closely linked with Sambad Lottery, offers daily draws accessible from Punjab.

Responsible Gambling and Sambad Lottery

While the thrill of lotteries is undeniable, responsible gambling is a crucial aspect that cannot be ignored. This entails setting a budget for lottery purchases and adhering to it, treating the Sambad Lottery as entertainment, not as a primary income source.

Part of playing responsibly involves limiting the number of lottery tickets purchased for each draw and acknowledging the low odds of winning. It’s essential to understand that lottery strategies cannot ensure winning, and players should be skeptical of any such claims.

Knowing the signs of problem gambling such as chasing losses and gambling with essential funds is crucial for early recognition and intervention. If a player suspects they may have a problem, professional help should be sought from gambling addiction organizations.

Regular breaks from lottery gambling can also prevent the development of harmful habits.

Bumper Lotteries and Special Draws

Illustration of people celebrating and holding Sambad Lottery bumper lottery tickets

Bumper lotteries, a highlight of the Sambad State Lottery, are held during festivals and other significant occasions. These special events bring with them a heightened sense of excitement as the top prize for bumper lotteries like the Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery can reach up to a staggering 5 crore rupees.

The draw date of these bumper lotteries is aligned with the corresponding festival, adding to the celebratory mood of the occasion. Tickets for the bumper lotteries are priced at two thousand rupees each, reflecting their premium nature and the extraordinary prize money on offer.

Tips for Sambad Lottery Players

Successful lottery playing involves a mix of strategy and luck. Many players select lottery numbers for various lottery games based on personal significance, such as birthdays and anniversaries, or by using numerological approaches that assign special meaning to numbers. Some players prefer choosing numbers higher than 31 as numbers below this threshold are commonly selected due to their resemblance to birthday dates.

Creative patterns or systems, such as the Delta System, can add variety to number selection. However, it’s advisable to avoid common patterns to reduce the probability of sharing the jackpot with others. Joining a lottery pool can also increase chances of winning by collectively purchasing more tickets, while maintaining the benefit of shared resources.

While it’s fun to try various strategies, it’s essential to remember that the lottery is a game of chance, and every number has an equal opportunity of being drawn, regardless of how it’s chosen.

Sambad Lottery Success Stories

The Sambad Lottery has been instrumental in changing the financial status of many of its participants, with some winners reporting a complete transformation in their quality of life. One winner, for instance, used their Sambad Lottery winnings to fund their child’s overseas education, opening up new academic and professional opportunities that might not have been possible otherwise.

Another winner was able to pay off their debts entirely with their Sambad Lottery prize, freeing them from financial burdens that had been affecting their family. Some winners have even invested a portion of their winnings into businesses, leading to sustained income and further financial security.


In conclusion, the Sambad Lottery provides an exciting and potentially life-changing opportunity for many. From its daily draws to the bumper lotteries, it offers multiple ways to win. Remember to gamble responsibly, stay informed about the results, and promptly claim your prize if you win. Whether you’re playing for the thrill of the game or hoping for a windfall, the journey is sure to be an exciting one. So, why wait? Grab your ticket today, and who knows, you might be the next big winner!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play the Sambad Lottery?

You can buy Sambad Lottery tickets from local authorized agents or online platforms, with each ticket costing ₹6. Good luck!

How can I check the Sambad Lottery results?

You can check the Sambad Lottery results online on the official website or through mobile apps that offer live updates for the draws. Good luck!

What is the prize structure for the Sambad Lottery?

The top prize for the Sambad Lottery’s daily draws is worth ₹1 Crore, including the Super Prize amount. There are also consolation prizes and lower-ranking prizes available.

How can I claim my Sambad Lottery prize?

To claim your Sambad Lottery prize, download and complete the claim form from the official lottery website, and submit it with a government-issued ID for verification. Good luck!

What should I remember while playing the Sambad Lottery?

Remember to practice responsible gambling, which includes setting a budget, treating the lottery as entertainment, and seeking professional help if you suspect a gambling problem.