VISA Online Casinos

Playing with VISA

With its ‘everywhere you want to be’ marketing pitch, Visa provides their customers with a cashless way to pay for products and services online, anywhere. This commitment to a complete cashless solution also extends to the regulated Indian online gambling industry. For years, Visa has been one of the trusted deposit methods available for Indian punters and casino players. With your Visa card, you can enjoy a fast and secure way of completing your deposits and withdrawals. 

Before you enjoy real money games at Visa casinos, check out how the payment network works and which benefits they offer to players.

Visa: A Secure Way to Fund Your Account

As a financial services corporation based in California, Visa facilitates electronic bank transfers in more than 200 countries around the world. These transactions cover credit, debit, and prepaid cards that carry the ‘Visa’ logo. Just like Mastercard, Visa does not issue credit or debit cards, set fees for customers, or extend credit. Instead, the company offers financial institutions and companies with Visa-branded payment products that they can use to offer financial products for their customers.

In its global payments network, the players are the merchant, the acquirer, the issuer, and the cardholder. The merchant is the organization or company that accepts Visa and in this case, an Indian online casino. There’s the acquirer or financial institution that allows merchants to be paid and the issuer, the bank that provides the card. Finally, there’s the cardholder- the casino player who deposits funds to play online casino games like blackjack and baccarat.



deposit with VISA in casinos

Why Use Visa?

Since it’s a global company with a solid background, it’s easy to find an online casino that accepts this payment option. Just look for the Visa logo on the casinos’ homepage or in the payments section and you’re good to go. Most Indian casinos that accept Visa also process payments in Indian Rupees thus offering customers a cost-effective way of transferring funds.

More than convenience, Visa is committed to safe and reliable transactions at all times.  It adopts the Visa Secure technology that ensures that your online payments and passwords are protected at all times. Formerly known as ‘Verified by Visa’, 3D Secure adds an extra layer of protection to secure your account against unauthorized use. This program calls for a Strong Customer Authentication which requires the use of a one-time passcode. Indian casinos that accept Visa also use SSL encryption technologies to protect all transactions.

Also, you gain access to a comprehensive portfolio of casino games. Thanks to its industry reputation, casino operators and software vendors often work with Visa. Whenever you see Visa, you can be sure that this online casino is home to premium online casino games backed

Issues with Visa

Although it’s a leading online payment processor, Visa isn’t a perfect partner for all players. Just like Mastercard, your use of Visa in most casinos is subject to terms and conditions. And there are specific aspects of the Visa transactions that may not sit well with you. For example, there’s a need to share your banking and personal information when completing your payments. Although there’s encryption technology in place, there are still some players who are not comfortable with sharing information online. For those still willing to use Visa, one option is to use a dedicated bank account and Visa debit card to limit the risk.

Also, players may encounter issues when it comes to withdrawals. In some Indian casinos, withdrawals through Visa may take up to 5 days depending on the policy. This can take longer if you’re making your first withdrawal. Also, certain fees may apply depending on the casino.

Here’s How to Make a Deposit With Visa

If you’re planning to use Visa, you’ll need to provide your name, credit card number, CVV number, and expiration date as these appear on the card. Make sure that the card is under your name to avoid any issues. Then, you just indicate how much money you want to deposit and the approval happens immediately. Deposits made using Visa are often credited instantly or within a few hours depending on the casino. For convenience, some Indian casinos give you the option to store the banking information for later use.