Teen Patti

In India, games and different types of gambling form part of its colorful culture. Whether it’s betting on cricket, horse races or participating in poker games, the Indian gambling scene remains as vibrant as ever. In addition to the popular online casino games which have been popularized abroad, there are also real money games with a local flavor. 

Just take the case of Teen Patti, a traditional Indian game with similarities to poker. It’s a fun and social game which is often played during important Hindu celebrations, like Diwali. In terms of gameplay, it takes inspiration from the English card game called ‘three-card brag’ to get the best hand. In some regions of Southeast-Asia, the game is called ‘flush’ or ‘flash’. But whatever the name, Teen Patti online is a fun and easy-to-play casino game that’s just waiting for you. 

Discover how this game works by reading our complete review below.

Live dealer teaching Teen Patti

How to Play Teen Patti Online

If you have played poker, then you’ll find the Teen Patti rules slightly familiar. The objective in this game is similar: you need to get a better hand than the dealer to win the game and use the same set of poker hands. However, there are only three cards in play.

To join a Teen Patti game, you’ll need to pay first the ante. Once all bets are in, the game flows in the following manner:

  1. Three cards are dealt on the table, face-up.
  2. Another set of three cards are dealt to the casino dealer, face-up. 
  3. You have the option to bet or fold. If you decide to bet, the amount should match the ante.
  4. The dealer then reveals the cards.
  5. The winning hand is identified based on the accepted ranking of hands.

Teen Patti hand ranking of hands high to low

Here’s How to Determine the Best Hand

Just like in online poker, the game is decided based on the ranking of hands. Here’s a look at the different Teen Patti hand rankings that are used in most Indian online casinos:

  • Royal Flush. It’s called the ‘mini royal’ where you get an Ace, King, and Queen of the same suit. 
  • Straight Flush. You get three consecutive cards in the same suit, like 4, 5, 6 of spades.
  • Three-of-a-Kind. Three cards of the same rank, like three 9s.
  • Straight. You get three consecutive cards regardless of suits.
  • Flush. This refers to three cards from the same suit.
  • Pair. This refers to two cards of the same rank, like two 7s.
  • High Card. The casino dealer must get at least a queen in the three cards.

In the Teen Patti game, the high card benefits the player as the casino dealer will not qualify if it doesn’t hold a Queen or higher. So, there’s a possibility that you may end up with a worse hand, but still collect a payout in a real money Teen Patti game.

How to Start Playing and Place Your Bets

Now that the basic rules are in order, you can now start playing Teen Patti with real money. You can find dozens of online casinos today that accept bets from Indian players. On this website, we review some of the best Indian Teen Patti casinos that accept Rupees as a primary currency.

Once you have selected the site, make sure to register and top-up your account to play in real money. Most Indian casinos accept bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and Neteller as the primary payment options. Once the account is ready, just visit the site’s Lobby and click on the game to enjoy a fun, lucrative yet easy-to-play card game!